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Living in a haze of sickies, and some Amazing News!

21st July 2008

Living in a haze of sickies, and some Amazing News!

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I am sick. I started coughing two Wednesdays ago, and it looked like it was getting better by the end of the week. I am not sure if it was simply because I went out the night of the birthday party, or the glass of wine (or the combination), but within 24 hours of that party, I was sick as a dog. I wasn’t sleeping any more because the coughing was so bad. I hurt from coughing so hard. By Wednesday of last week, Zach took the morning off so that I could drag my butt to the dr. He gave me some heavy duty antibiotics. Here I am, 6 days since that appointment, and I am finally just starting to get some sleep. I am pretty much doing nothing but sleeping after not being able to for so long. I am really dragging. My voice is slowly starting to come back, but I am still pretty hoarse and trying to stick to whispering if I can.

In the middle of all that, we found out the travel dates for Zach to go to Germany. And, with some financial help from Zach’s dad and my mom volunteering to stay with the kids, I am going with him. Me. Zach and I both had to get passports because we had never traveled outside the country before. (technically, I went to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in high school with the youth group for a church conference, but most of the people there were Americans and no passports were involved, so it didn’t feel very international)

WooHoo!. Zach got his passport in days (might be because he has been through multiple security clearances for jobs, so it is probably documented) and I got mine a few days ago. I know that pictures on those things are notoriously bad, but I almost look like I am a different race. I look freakishly dark. Now, if I was a girl who liked to tan, it wouldn’t look so weird, but I am pasty, pasty white girl, so it looks really strange to me. You can hardly see it though through all of the security reflections though.

This week Zane started camp STARR at Heartsprings. He seemed to really enjoy it. I am going to have to watch for pictures to be posted on their site since I am not with him. The one advantage of being so tired is that I am not the least bit nervous about him being away for the morning and early afternoon. Besides the fact that his professional therapist is there, several of the student therapist and teachers he has had at the WSU SL Clinic are working there this week too. There are many people there that know him and it is a relief that he is able to just go enjoy himself without me being stressed about it.

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There are currently 2 responses to “Living in a haze of sickies, and some Amazing News!”

  1. 1 On July 23rd, 2008, mischievium said:

    That’s awesome! I am so happy for you that you get to go with Zach! Yay!

  2. 2 On August 5th, 2008, Tiff said:

    Wow, what an adventure Germany will be! I’m so glad you’re taking the opportunity to go with him! How long will you be gone??

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