29th May 2008

The little Z

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If Zora doesn’t have a purse, she pretends other things are purses, including old shoeboxes.  (I am not a purse person, so we are blaming Zach’s mom for the shoe and purse gene.  lol )

x2008-05-29 003.jpg

x2008-05-29 024.jpg

x2008-05-29 026.jpg

x2008-05-29 030.jpg

x2008-05-29 038.jpg

x2008-05-29 046.jpg


And…the garden saga continues

x2008-05-29 056.jpg

Zane was excited to see a tomato on the plant and picked it.  Zach took him to the plant, showed him the little tags and explained to him that we have to wait until the tomatoes are red, like the picture, to pick them.  Zora has been a little obsessed with the little fruit laying in the garden.  (hence the picture)

When Zane saw this picture on my computer, I asked him “What is that?” (pointing to the tomato)  He didn’t answer the question, but instead said “That’s not red.  Don’t pick it!”.  lol.  I think the lesson sunk in, even if he didn’t really hear my question.


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  1. 1 On May 30th, 2008, Anonymous said:

    Awesome I swear our daughters have the same pair of shoes. Are they stride rites? I didn’t start using a purse until last year out of total necessity and I’ve owned all of 2/3 pairs of shoes at a time – yet my daughter is also purse and shoe obsessed. Weird.

  2. 2 On June 11th, 2008, Anonymous said:

    The purse gene totally skipped me– I hate carrying them, I will only consistently carry one that has a long enough strap for me to wear it over one shoulder (across my body– does that make sense?).

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