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Backyard BBQ with Friends

30th May 2008

Backyard BBQ with Friends

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The boys played together and did a little better at including Zane in their games most of the time.  Here they discovered his “Cube World” toy and spent time watching them. 

x2008-05-30 024.jpg

BTW…if you have problems getting your child to tell stories/narrations, this is a great toy.  Each cube has a little stick figure guy that does things.  It is simple, and without a distracting background, and we have had great success sitting with Zane having him describe what is going on, and starting to get him to predict what they might do.  He still has a hard time with word retreival, but this is the first thing where we have had some success in discussing/describing what is happening while it is happening.  Normally the suckers are expensive, but Amazon sometimes has them on some really kick butt sales.


The girls played together all evening.  By the time I thought to grab the camera, they had shed most of the dress up clothes (they were in hats and capes earlier), but I still caught some cuteness.

x2008-05-30 014.jpg

x2008-05-30 021.jpg

x2008-05-30 034.jpg

x2008-05-30 032.jpg


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