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Big day for our TV star, Hippotherapy begins

3rd March 2008

Big day for our TV star, Hippotherapy begins

Started out with enjoying the trash being picked up

x2008-03-03 009.jpg


Then we went to shoot a commercial for the Autism Walk in April

Zane meets up with an old friend there

x2008-03-03 010.jpg

Susan Peters, one of the anchors for our local ABC channel was doing the ad.  The first take Zane tried to take off his shirt, but he did ok after that.  Echolalia and shooting a commercial in front of a crowd of Autistic kids can create some funny outtakes as a phrase gets echoed across several different kids in a wave.  lol.

x2008-03-03 019.jpg

x2008-03-03 023.jpg

x2008-03-03 024.jpg

x2008-03-03 029.jpg


Then, his first day of Hippotherapy!


x2008-03-03 035.jpg


excitement builds

x2008-03-03 037.jpg


And here he is, doing his stretching.

x2008-03-03 049.jpg


Video of his first moments riding




Video of a happy boy





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There are currently 2 responses to “Big day for our TV star, Hippotherapy begins”

  1. 1 On March 4th, 2008, schoolofmom said:

    Our daughter is on a waiting list for a hippotherapy program. It looks like so much fun!

  2. 2 On March 4th, 2008, ShackintheMountains said:

    I’m so glad he likes the horseback riding.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about those programs.

    The kids look so cute for the commercial!

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