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Getting ready to move the blog

10th July 2008

Getting ready to move the blog

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The lack of posts is because I am trying to figure out wordpress as I get ready to move my blog.  Xanga has irritated me for long enough and I am ready to move. 

As a girl who used to be able to hardcode HTML and program in C, it is really frustrating for me to realize I have no idea what I am doing anymore.  I look at the CSS and PHP and and can’t figure out how to modify it.  I haven’t used FTP in years and had to get Zach to show me how to use it again.  lol

Nothing major has happened since my last post. We had a good 4th, but forgot the camera.  There are a few pictures stuck in the camera phone and when I get those off the phone I will post more about the holiday.  Since then, just doing the homemaker thing and Zane has a cold.

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  1. 1 On July 10th, 2008, tatiana622 said:

    Please be sure to let us know the new link–I have to figure out a better way to monitor the blogs I care about that are not on Xanga, but I am such a computer nitwit that it is just beyond me. Sigh! Good luck with everything. I feel for you in terms of the frustration you feel at no longer knowing things you used to know–I am going through it on a number of levels right now, and it is a total bummer.

  2. 2 On July 10th, 2008, Jessemommy said:

    I keep my nonxanga blogs that I read in a folder that I open in all tabs to check on so please link! I hear you on the html…I could totally do that but things all went towards this css and honestly it just makes me see cross eyed.

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