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AAhhhhh….what a great brother!

14th February 2008

AAhhhhh….what a great brother!

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Zora was throwing a huge tantrum when Zach left to run to the store.  She was inconsolable.  A few minutes pass, then Zane walks up to her and hands her one of his valentine’s cards (we made for his therapists and friends at Reading Explorers and the other kids in his group speech therapy) and tells her “Happy Valentine’s Day” and then goes to get a lollipop for her and brings it to her.  It stops her in her tracks and she becomes the happiest girl ever.  I look at the card he handed her and realize he actually filled it out and folded it up like they are designed to do.  On his own.  Totally.  Not only did we not prompt him in any way, we didn’t even know he was doing it.

Two for one. 

One card,

a happy little sister, and a teary eyed, overwhelmed Mom.

I love my little guy.

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There are currently 5 responses to “AAhhhhh….what a great brother!”

  1. 1 On February 14th, 2008, SarahAriella said:
  2. 2 On February 15th, 2008, mischievium said:

    Awwwww. :o)

  3. 3 On February 15th, 2008, Jessemommy said:

    That is the sweetest thing I have ever read!

  4. 4 On February 15th, 2008, tatiana622 said:

    What a special moment!!

  5. 5 On February 18th, 2008, MommyofTomandElandJo said:

    How sweet!

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