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Taking the Mercury for her first Check-up

26th February 2008

Taking the Mercury for her first Check-up

As we were driving out to the farm we realized that we haven’t been there in almost a year because of the car.  Zane was totally excited when we got there.  He remembered it well.  Zora, on the other hand, seemed a bit amazed that Grandma and Grandpa were there.  I don’t think she realized that they “lived” anyplace, she just knew that they came to our house.  lol.  Both really enjoyed the squishy ground and exploring the farm. 

x2008-02-24 006.jpg

Dad and my brother Steve gave the new vehicle a good check, changed the oil, and made some minor repairs.

x2008-02-24 009.jpg

x2008-02-24 014.jpg

x2008-02-24 015.jpg


Zora was totally captivated by the cats and chased them around in glee.

x2008-02-24 021.jpg

x2008-02-24 029.jpg

x2008-02-24 031.jpg


She was suprised and happy to see Grandma come home from work.

x2008-02-24 045.jpg


And finally, the short video of Zora trying to coax the cat out of the house. 


It was a great day.  We are excited that we have the ability to go out there more often now.


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  1. 1 On February 26th, 2008, ShackintheMountains said:

    So adorable!  I just love that pic of the two of them together, from behind.  Precious. 

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