21st April 2008


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Zach finished his programming and was planning on running a test on the robots this afternoon after he taught his class.  If all went well, it would be an hour at the most.  Once he was done testing them, he can start with the actual writing part.  (he has copious notes, so it is more a matter of arranging everything in the correct format).  He went to the Robotics lab and the Robots were gone.  He couldn’t get in touch with the thesis advisor/professor, who is the person in charge of the Robotics lab, but after a search, found another one of the grad students.  He discovered that the advisor decided to take ALL of the robots to a conference to do a demonstration with them.  He won’t be back until Friday.  He didn’t tell Zach he was going (he got the impression it was a last minute thing, and it was just an oversight, not intentional). 

If he waits for the robots to return, he won’t have time to write the thesis and defend it before next Wed (9 days from now).  That means he has to write his thesis assuming that it works, then revise as necessary after the robots return on Friday.  Ugh. 

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    Man that sucks!

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