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Thursday September 6, 2007

6th September 2007

Thursday September 6, 2007

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In the TMI dept, one of the reasons he went through more diapers today was that I caught him in the middle of pooping and took him to the bathroom.  He had a little bit of poop attached to a buttcheek and not attached to the diaper yet, so I helped him get on the potty and encouraging him to “push poop out of his butt”.  lol.  He was grunting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his tush got wet he was so “in” the potty for a bit in his effort.  Well, no new poop came, but the poop did finally fall off of his buttcheek.  I cheered.  He got a big grin as I pointed at the poop in the potty.  It was, literally, the first time ANY sort of poop or pee had made it directly from him to the potty.  EVER.  It wasn’t the ideal, but hey, I’ll take it.  Maybe it will help him.

Then, being me, and being a little sick myself, I puked as I tried to wipe him.  Luckily I hit the sink, but the uncrustables peanut butter sandwich and chocolate milk weren’t setting too well with me anyway, and the amount of snot in my stomach just made for a really queasy stomach.  Only I would still be puking with diaper changes after 5 freaking years of doing it.  geez.


edited to add…before I get any questions, NO, I am NOT pregnant.  I just had the period from hell last week, so don’t you be gettin’ ideas.  Just sick.  lol.

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  1. 1 On September 8th, 2007, auntcathys5 said:

    Yuk!  Go, Zane!  Keep working on it and he’ll get it.  Praying you’ll feel better very soon.

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