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Saturday September 22, 2007

22nd September 2007

Saturday September 22, 2007

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No matter how closely you watch them, they still grow too fast.

April 4, 2007

x2007-04-04 004.jpg



 x2007-09-22 006.jpg

x2007-09-22 013.jpg

x2007-09-22 016.jpg


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  1. 1 On September 22nd, 2007, ilovebakedgoods said:

    Wow! What a difference in height in five months. Love her curls!

    Where’s your entry on the autism episode of Oprah? I’m dying to read what you have to say. I didn’t watch it, but I really had no interest.

  2. 2 On September 23rd, 2007, MommyofTomandElandJo said:

    beautiful baby girl….so sweet.

  3. 3 On September 23rd, 2007, auntcathys5 said:

    I love that it’s the same dress!  She is so totally precious.  I can just see her keeping you moving and laughing all day long.

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  • Zane is 21 years, 2 months, and 29 days old
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  • Yes he will out grow it, after a certain age people will stop thinking they can control how he thinks and acts, so it won’t be a problem anymore. — (on autism) ShaggyDaddy (MDC)

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