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Wednesday September 26, 2007

26th September 2007

Wednesday September 26, 2007

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Our lives are on the way back to a nice normal sort of existence.  I am really appreciating it.  It isn’t perfect, the house is slowly getting cleaner, but it isn’t there yet, money is still tight, but I feel like we are winding down from crises mode that has hung over us for the last month or more.  It is nice.

Yesterday Zane suddenly was interested in learning again.  He was excited to work on the phonics program (picked an online one that really seems to suit him), wanted to work on his book he got at speech therapy (they make a workbook type thing that resembles a book and has elements of the story cut out for him to sequence and glue into the book, and then do some writing.), then we did playdo where I was able to work in both working on some fine motor skills (rolling balls with hands, then fingers) and then we made ropes that we wrote out the word sounds he studied in the phonics lesson.  I left a few workbook/activity books on the table, and later in the evening he wanted to do a few pages of mazes, then some math.  He was more interested in working on math than playing something else.  lol. 

Today has been similar.  The morning started with letting me sleep in (yeah!) while Zach took the kids to Krispy Kreme to watch them make donuts for a while and then pick out some treats.  Zane, for the first time, requested white milk instead of chocolate milk to go with his chocolate iced glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles.    (he picked the “rainbow sprinkles” donut.  good choice!)

When they got home, he played some educational games this morning, and we spent the afternoon out.  Had a dr. appointment and were prescribed some different allergy meds.  (Seradex…couldn’t find any info on it in a quick google search, so that is on the list before we give it to him), then we went on campus to retrieve the paycheck stubs, fax out some forms for hippotherapy, photocopy the paycheck stubs and tax forms to include with the YMCA financial aid.  Then we went by the Y and then his therapy place to drop off the financial aid forms.  This evening he played with playdo again, and he and Zach played some more educational stuff together on the computer. 

Wonderfully calm and nice.  Tomorrow there is a playgroup, and the a hearing screen (he doesn’t need one, but his speech therapy student teacher needs to do one and asked if he could be her victim, figured the practice would be good for him), then speech therapy and OT.  Another full, but good day I suspect.


from yesterday

Zora really started coloring for the first time this week.  (as opposed to just stabbing the writing implements into surfaces)  This is the first time I set paper in front of her.

x2007-09-24 016.jpg

x2007-09-24 001.jpg

She discovered that coloring her hands, and then wiping them clean was fun too.

x2007-09-24 022.jpg


caught him mid sniff, hence the weird facial expression

x2007-09-24 026.jpg


From this morning

He finally isn’t drowning in size 6 clothing, so I think we can finally start moving up a size after 3 years in size 4 to 5

x2007-09-25 002.jpg

x2007-09-25 017.jpg

x2007-09-25 018.jpg

x2007-09-25 028.jpg


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  1. 1 On September 26th, 2007, BatYa_DaughterofGod said:

    http://www.pdrheath.com is a wonderful resource for checking out meds!

  2. 2 On September 27th, 2007, auntcathys5 said:

    What sweet pics!  Great job, Zora!  I LOVE the close up of Zane with that beautiful smile.

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