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Friday May 25, 2007

25th May 2007

Friday May 25, 2007

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I think Zora’s growth spurt has gotten her totally off balance.  She keeps falling over.  She fell over and hit her lip again in the same place and made it bleed again.  Then she hit her face on the table and almost gave herself a black eye (there is a little half moon sort of shape just off the side of her eye).  If she keeps this up I am going to find a little pair of boxer gloves and a pair of silk shorts and take her to JCPenny and get a picture.  She is starting to look like a little prizefighter with curls.

In other news, I went downtown to the county Developmental Disablity office yesterday.  I was so not looking forward to it, but it turned out to be the easiest goverment agency I have ever dealt with.  I walked in with my notebook of all of his reports and evals and recent medical records and she actually told me “you might possibly be the most organized parent I have ever seen”.  I asked if I could tell my mom that.  lol.  I can’t say that “most organized” is a comment I get very often.  She said that he will be approved (no guarantee, but almost), which puts us on the two and a half year waiting list to get a case worker and then start getting benefits like respite care.  So, when Zane is about 8 years old I might be able to have somebody babysit him besides my parents or the occasional student that I know is out there, but I can’t seem to find (or afford…it is in the $20ish/hour range to get a sitter for just him).  At least I do have my parents, because I can’t imagine how desperate I would feel if I either had a medically fragile kid or had zero support and had to wait that long for benefits.  I really think that medically fragile or people who need modifications to get things like wheelchair lifts should have a zero waiting time, but there I go, being all liberal and stuff.

I have talked to anybody I can think of to try and find some music lessons or music therapy for Zane.  I didn’t get any answers yet, but I knew that I probably wouldn’t right away.  I needed get the word out that I was looking for somebody though so that if it comes up, they will remember that I was looking for something.  I also am going to try and talk to my MIL who teaches music to see what she suggests.  She lives in Texas, so she doesn’t have any direct connections to around here (I assume), but I need to talk to somebody who is familiar with the landscape at least so I can get some direction on how to proceed.  I also got at least “a” name of somebody else who might know.  I hope to call him tomorrow.  I haven’t got a clue how I am going to pay for this, but one step at a time.

Zach is still on the job hunt.  He has an interesting, but not lucrative, offer pending.  He is still looking for more though.  It is hard to be patient.

Finally, I have had a few offers for playdates.  I can’t tell you how exciting that is for me.  I hope to be able to make some dates sometime next week.

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  1. 1 On May 25th, 2007, LannaM said:

    I totally forget where you live, but maybe these folks have a music class in your area? There’s a gal I’ve met via MDC that teaches one of these classes, and while I haven’t been able to go, she assured me that it wasn’t super structured and the kids were fine to wander around or dance or whatever. It sounded intriguing, but not if I’d have to get up at 7am (my kids don’t even get up until 8-8:30 – I sleep as long as I can).

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