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Thursday May 31, 2007

31st May 2007

Thursday May 31, 2007

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See how sweet they are, and why Zane’s chair looks like it has been through a tornado.

x2007-05-28 017.jpg

And yet, Zora still seems to want his chair

x2007-05-28 018b.jpg


Grandma came by earlier this week so Zach and I could go see the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. 

The kids didn’t seem to miss us for some reason.

x2007-05-29 001.jpg

ah…how cute is that…they are working together.

x2007-05-29 003.jpg

…and, here come reality…

x2007-05-29 004.jpg

x2007-05-29 009.jpg

x2007-05-29 016.jpg

x2007-05-29 022.jpg

x2007-05-29 023.jpg


Zora sees a way she can “help”.  She dragged the trash bag halfway across the room, grunting the whole way.

x2007-05-31 001.jpg



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  1. 1 On June 1st, 2007, Jessemommy said:

    So sweet :) I love your dd’s curly hair And her outfits! And always, a fan of Zane’s eyes.

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