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Sunday January 28, 2007

28th January 2007

Sunday January 28, 2007

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I saw a post on a SN board about a parent celebrating that their child finally figured out “no”.  I know that most parents take the ability to say yes or no for granted, but I can tell you that the difference it makes is major in day to day life.  It is so much easier since Zane figured it out. 

I thought I would share some books that have sort of helped with some of the yes/no things.

Who Hops and Who Hoots  The Hoots book is the sequel to the Hops book.  The Hoots book has the phrase “no they don’t” as the punchline, and Hoots has the phrase “yes they do” as the punchline.  There are good descriptions of the books on Amazon, so I won’t try to do that here. 

The book Excuse Me!: A Little Book of Manners is a lift the flap book.  Now, normally I wouldn’t advocate a lift the flap book because most of them are disasterous at our house.  This one seems to be surviving, but I think it is largely because the flap is pretty much the whole page and doesn’t look like something is hanging off the page.  The book itself is very similar to a social stories book in a lot of ways.  Gives a simple situation, and a simple solution.  It is really straight forward.  One word of caution:  if your child eats peas, don’t get this book…the example for what to say when your mom serves peas for breakfast is “no, thank you”, which would be a disaster if your child actually will eat peas willingly.  Since we have an aversion to green food in this house, the value of the phrases outweighs my desire to get him to eat peas.  lol.


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