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Carrie’s Wedding, beautiful!

9th December 2007

Carrie’s Wedding, beautiful!

Weddings and things like it are really tough for Zane.  This one was the exception, and a lot of fun.  The current ST made a social story for him and he knew what to expect as far as how the evening flowed.  Plus, it was Carrie.  He loves Carrie.  As it turns out, we ended up sitting next to Elise, his OT (who he also loves), and the other people at the table were other people from his therapy place, so it was a lot more relaxing for us.  They notice the things he is doing well, how well he is handling the overwhelming environment instead of the looks you get because he isn’t a Stepford child.

The pictures aren’t the greatest because it is a tough environment for him, but he really did have a great time.  He danced the way only a kid can dance, free and joyful and happy.  It was wonderful.  Zora was also a bit overwhelmed and vacilated between excited, clapping, and clingy.  I actually think this time around, she had a harder time then he did with the chaos.

Eating Cake

x2007-12-08 082.jpg

With Elise

x2007-12-08 089.jpg

With the Beautiful Bride

x2007-12-08 092.jpg

Joined the group of kids dancing in “ring around the rosie” fashion.

x2007-12-08 098.jpg


x2007-12-08 100.jpg

Wanting to be in the action, but needing a security finger.  lol.

x2007-12-08 111.jpg

x2007-12-08 120.jpg

Dancing with Elise

x2007-12-08 132


A video of Zane and Carrie



A video of Zach & Zora dancing



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There are currently 2 responses to “Carrie’s Wedding, beautiful!”

  1. 1 On December 9th, 2007, ShackintheMountains said:

    It looked like a laidback atomsphere.  Good for Zane just for getting through it.  He and Zora look so sweet!

  2. 2 On December 10th, 2007, Jessemommy said:

    So nice to see of a kid friendly wedding in general, looks like an awesome time!
    They both look adorable I’m glad Zane did well, yay! Carrie made for a dashing bride too.

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