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Working out the New Snow Boots

31st December 2007

Working out the New Snow Boots

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The snow boots arrived today in the mail and we promptly put them and the bilibos (which have turned into the most useful, versatile hits ever) to good use.

x2007-12-31 016.jpg

x2007-12-31 023.jpg

x2007-12-31 025.jpg

x2007-12-31 035.jpg

x2007-12-31 036.jpg

x2007-12-31 042.jpg

x2007-12-31 050.jpg

x2007-12-31 060.jpg

x2007-12-31 064.jpg

x2007-12-31 065.jpg

x2007-12-31 067.jpg

x2007-12-31 081.jpg

x2007-12-31 082.jpg


Fun was had by all.  (even me, who had no boots, but still loved watching my family playing.)


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  1. 1 On January 1st, 2008, ShackintheMountains said:

    Yay!  What fun. 

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