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Tuesday July 27, 2004

27th July 2004

Tuesday July 27, 2004

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As I was cruising through some blogs today, I ran accross MelissaTulip’s blog with silly nursing antics of a toddler. (and a great link explaining why you would want to nurse a toddler)  Since I just snapped a photo the other night of my little monkey boy nursing in his goofy way, I thought I would add it.  Unfortunalty, the ones of him playing peek-a-boo with Daddy didn’t come out well (our flash comes a few seconds after the click and he anticipates it) so I can’t post that cuteness, but here he is reaching through the neckhole to grab my nose.



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  1. 1 On July 27th, 2004, home.aspx?user=Melissatulip said:

    Haha!!! That is so funny!  :-)

  2. 2 On July 28th, 2004, home.aspx?user=SouloG said:

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    <TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width=”100%” background=”" height=250 UNSELECTABLE=”off”>Such a cute picture!  My older son liked to nurse under my shirt like that when he was an older toddler (i.e. around 2 1/2 – thought it was great fun to burrow under there).
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  3. 3 On July 28th, 2004, home.aspx?user=LikeWowMom said:

    Great photo! I love your site. We have much in common. I love it when my nursing toddler does the 360 heli rotate while still attached. Holy twisted nipples Batman!

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