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A most perfect day

31st October 2006

A most perfect day

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Perfect Day today, link to pictures.

We had the most wonderful day today. One of those the things that made it so perfect was that it just felt so very ‘normal’. I figured you guys would understand why ‘normal’ was so nice.

We went to a corn maze/pumpkin farm. As it happened, we showed up the same time as about 50 kindergarteners and their chaparones. It almost felt like we were with the group, and Zane ran among the kids and, if you didn’t notice he didn’t talk, you would have not known there was anything “special needs” about him. It just felt so normal, like we were on a class trip for him or something. He followed along with them through the maze, mixing in with the stream of kids. Later, he ran alongside the kids in search of the perfect pumpkin. Then, at the last stop, he threw beanbags at the cutouts with the kids, and walked through a string maze thing. (ok, so he wasn’t great at standing in line, but we will let that go. lol)

One of the things that was so neat was that I was able to stand at a distance, amongst the chaparones, and watch him, but almost never had to intervene or chase after him because he wandered off. It was something that most people would take for granted, but it was the first time I had ever been able to do that. All the park play-dates, all the various gatherings, and I had never been able to do that. I almost burst into tears of joy when I realized it, but checked myself before everybody started thinking I was a freak.

The other cool thing: he drew the lines for us to cut out the face on the pumpkin. He actually understood what he was supposed to do. Plus, he helped get the goo out of the pumpkin…although that only lasted so long before he had to wash his hands.

He was so excited and happy today. I just really enjoyed seeing the light in his eyes and his obvious enjoyment of the day.

pictures: http://www.xanga.com/Jennifer_Z/5429…-pictures.html

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