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Thursday November 30, 2006

30th November 2006

Thursday November 30, 2006

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I ordered a book from Amazon that I have never seen in real life and it greatly exceeded my expectations. (linked in ‘currently reading’)

It tells the biblical story in simple sentences and includes the whole story, including the indication that Jesus was a few years old by the time the wise men got there.  (although it does show three wise men, it does not actually indicate the number).  I have been struggling to find something that told the actual story but wasn’t really wordy.  This is it. This is really good.  If I had the money I would be buying it for all of my nieces and nephews and about any kids with Christian parents that I know.   

The book itself is also higher quality than is typical for kids books.  I noticed that he wrote an Easter version and will be releasing a “My first story of Jesus” soon too.  I think we will try and find a way to get those in the coming months.  I could not be more pleased with it.

eta:  one of the only negatives about the book is that the illustrations show a white holy family instead of a more brownish one, which is just wrong to me.  (they can be in-between and I don’t notice much, but light pinky peach is stretching it a bit IMO…at least give them a tan)  However, at least Mary is black haired instead of a blond.  Josesph & Jesus are both brown haired. 

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