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Gettin’ Ready for my 5yo

22nd December 2010

Gettin’ Ready for my 5yo

Making the birthday girl’s “Rainbow Cake” tonight. I know I will get a lot of “help” frosting it, so I thought I would save myself the stress of dealing with food dyes and batter by getting the layers done tonight.

Disadvantage of going digital: no leftover newspaper for wrapping presents. hmmm…didn’t think that one through very well. lol.

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20th December 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho

As we were getting out of the car today we ran into the maintenance guys fixing the chimneys. Zora asked why they were fixing the chimneys, and I amused the guys by saying “to make it safe for Santa”. :D

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19th December 2010

Christmas & Birthday at the Farm

Although we will have my parents over on Christmas day, this is the official family celebration, including Grandma and Steve & Nora.  Since Steve & Nora won’t be there on Christmas they brought along the kid’s gifts.  They really made a huge impact with their gifts this year, and we are very thankful because we didn’t have the ability to do it ourselves.

How to drive a (almost) 5 year old crazy.  Tell her that the big box is hers, but don’t let her open it *right now*

First glance under the big box (after pulling off all of the wrapping paper and then realizing that she just had to lift it up…we are so mean)

Zane was also very pleased with his gift.  It was a building toy that Nora loved as a kid.  She helped set it up and they played with it together for a while.

Grandma and Zora talking about her jacket (the pattern)

The other thing he got was the connect four game he has been asking for the last few months.  He was quite happy.

After building with Zane, Nora (and Steve) went outside to help Zora learn to ride the bike.

Great day, great food, wonderful family.

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18th December 2010

Christmas Dinner Preparation Time

Zach had to run back to the store to rescue the entire Schrag family from fudge made with Sweetened Condensed Milk instead of Evaporated milk at the Christmas dinner tomorrow. (my teeth hurt just thinking about it)

cherry pie filling done. fudge done. still have toffee and the pie crust (and then bake the pie). I have the energy now, but I am thinking church might feel a little too early tomorrow morning. lol.

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18th December 2010

Duck, Duck, …

Zora is playing Duck Duck Goose with Zane. She pats his head, saying duck duck duck….GOOSE!, then runs away. Somehow not the same thing with 2 people. :roflrly:

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18th December 2010


We got our Christmas Wish! *cue the Hallelujah Chorus* Zach is among the employed again. He starts Monday. WOOHOO! :ldance:

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17th December 2010

Busy girl

Zora strikes again

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17th December 2010

Sibling Conflict, weird style

Today Zane was driving Zora crazy singing “Frosty the Dirtman” and “Rudolph the Blue Nosed Reindeer”, and she was insisting “That just isn’t right Daddy/Mommy!”

That just seemed backwards to me. :laughn1:

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15th December 2010

Booooring Mom

So far this day is awesome, except for Zora constantly saying “it’s too booooring” every 2 minutes.

And, in Birthday preparations…

Kids are throwing me for a loop. I assumed that Zane wanted another Mario themed cake and Zora would want either a car and/or princess cake…nope, he wants “Pirates, with a 3D boat and 3D captain”. wuh whut? Zora wants a Dora cake. Both want “a cake with cupcakes around it”. Zora wants star candles. This shall be interesting.

and later….Now she wants a rainbow cake. That sounds so much better to me, I hope she doesn’t change her mind.

And, a quiet evening with coffee, drop of vanilla extract, some cinnamon and nutmeg, a bit of milk, curled up to watch Hell’s Kitchen finale.

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14th December 2010

Why we wanted the Droid, and not the Apple

Because it is more fun to play with.

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