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“Princess Peach”

10th March 2009

“Princess Peach”

#69 “Princess Peach” (A Polly Pocket toy that resembles Princess Peach) never walks, she slides everywhere and knocks things over.

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9th March 2009

Can you hear it?

#68 She wanted to make sure her teddy could hear the ST session too.

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8th March 2009

I am feeding the kids rabbit food.

#67 There are two rabbits that frequent our backyard. When I was making a smoothie, Zora took a spinach leaf from the pile out for the rabbits. lol.

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7th March 2009

Arm’s Reach

#66 The bookcase next to my desk (that is the Mario Mushroom Zane painted with Grandma)

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6th March 2009


#65 Zane likes playing with the wii volume on mute, and add his own music in from youTube videos

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5th March 2009

Fridge “Decor”

#64 The chaotic front of my fridge.

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4th March 2009


#63 Vitamix fail. Kale and Raspberry are, apparently, not a good combination. Hey, if it had been turnip greens the drink could be called “you can get blood out of a turnip”

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3rd March 2009

The point of no return

#62 or… (one too) Many happy returns

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2nd March 2009

Always keep track of your scissors

#61 While I was busy cutting hair out of the vacuum beater bar, Zora decided to grab one of the scissors I put down and give the feather duster a haircut. There were bits of feather everywhere.

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1st March 2009

Different Funeral Experience

#60 The most unique funeral I have ever been to. The Pagan/Wiccan funeral of Robert’s bio-mom’s partner. His bio-mom died 2 years ago (almost to the day) and her ashes are next to her partner’s at the foot of the table. (Robert is like a brother to us, we were there for him and his family). I watched the kids through much of it, but what I saw was beautiful, just completely different than anything I have experienced.

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