20th February 2009

Cowboy Hats

#51 Zach got a new hat, Zora insisted it was a “Cowboy Hat” and went to put on her own “Cowboy hat” just like Daddy.

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19th February 2009

Reconnecting after Work

#50 Reconnecting with Daddy

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18th February 2009


#49 Daddy’s Home!

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17th February 2009

Shooting a Promo

#48 Autism Walk Commercial Day (where I accidentally left the camera in the car and missed the really good shots)

They had a sign that said “Get to Know Me” on it, for Zane to hold in case he wasn’t feeling talkative that day (he isn’t always).  We couldn’t get him to repeat the line, but since he can read, I suggested they hold the sign above the camera.  They did, and he did a great shot, appeared to look at the camera, and enthusiastically said “Get to K -no me”, pronouncing the silent K.  Everybody burst out laughing.  I rewrote the sign with “NO” in place of “Know”, and we reshot it.  It worked, although not quite as enthusiastic.

edited to add video:

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16th February 2009

Quiet Moment

#47 Quiet time, with snacks

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15th February 2009

Seeing Red

#46 I guess our neighbors really, really like red.  They are, not surprisingly, a bit obnoxious too.  (all four vehicles belong to one side of the duplex)

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14th February 2009

Putting her to work

#45 Helping clean the bath toys.

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13th February 2009

Fashion Maven

#44 Dinosaur style.  She loves Zane’s old Dinosaur and Bug shirts.

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12th February 2009

I do not like them Sam I am

#43 I do not like them Sam I am.  The book that will not die.  We now have several copies of it, all from my mom, who still has it memorized from when I was a kid and requested it over and over and over again.  Some things are in the genes.

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11th February 2009

Leaving for a Business Trip

#42 Leaving for a Business Trip.  Do not like.

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