20th November 2008

The Bailout

The basic ground rules in the USA when companies want a bailout:

If it is during a Republican administration, a bailout is vital to support our captitalist society.
If it is during a Democratic administration, a bailout is SOCIALISM and destroying our society.

I don’t disagree with the concept of bailout, but I really think those CEOs should be fired fired fired. They need to put people in charge who aren’t so stupid and greedy that they take individual $20K jets to ask for money. I would have a real problem giving them money if they weren’t willing to sacrifice (can you really call “don’t take a jet” a sacrifice in any normal person’s life?) some of their own salary and benefits to help the people under them and the company survive.

I question their ability to lead a company and manage money and I question their intentions. I am angry that they aren’t requiring them to retool (that is what they are funding…retooling the factories) to make more gas efficient vehicles. They already make them in Europe and the technology already exists, why are we not allowed to have them here in the US? Doesn’t it seem backwards to anybody else that using tax money to retool the factories is going to push back making fuel efficient vehicles? ARG!

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20th November 2008

Zora’s outfit

This was such a “Zora”, so I just thought I would share. What you can’t see is the elbow pads she is wearing under the jacket. lol

Clicky heel play shoes, ballet print pj bottoms, and the Diego gloves, helmet and elbow pads. She wore this for most of Friday.

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19th November 2008

Our immune systems are not happy

Everybody in the family seemed to get worse over the weekend, and by Monday, Zach was in the doctor’s office because he was actually getting dizzy. They didn’t have any more appointments available on Monday, so the kids and I went on Tuesday (today). Both of the kids have double ear infections, and both of the grown-ups have a sinus infection. Yeah us. We have had mild colds for weeks and weeks now, waxing and waning, but never getting totally better. Now we have antibiotics, so maybe we can finally nail this thing. Obviously, our bodies weren’t getting it taken care of without help, but I HATE taking antibiotics.

I know it doesn’t really matter, in comparision to getting everybody healthy, but dang, the hit to the pocket book with four copays, four Rx’s, and some over the counter expectorant & pain meds, besides the Metformin, Allergy meds (for me and the kids) and other various medical stuff, it just sucking away the paycheck. We have a well stocked pantry, and still have enough to get some basics, but it will be a real squeeze to get everybody fed reasonably healthy until payday. This is so frustrating. We aren’t dirt poor any more, but we are still always broke. We are behind on therapy bills again too. ugh.

Before we knew we were all going to be sick, we had to go get a new video card for my dinosaur of a computer because the old one fried. It wasn’t much, but now I am wishing we could have held out another week. Of course, it is a lot cheaper to be married to somebody who can weasle the last breath out of a computer in the long run.

Well, that was depressing, let’s end on a happy note. Pictures!

I have no idea how Zora managed to do this without Zane throwing a huge fit, but I have a feeling if he would have known what she was doing, it wouldn’t have happened.

On Friday, Zach and I went out on a date. For the first time EVER, Zora let me braid her hair as we waited for “Opa” (try as we might, we can not get her to call my Mom “Oma”. Instead, both she and dad are both “Opa”, and she refers to them as “the two Opas”.) She wanted the bows and butterfly hair clip added so she could be “toot” (cute) lol

That was the date that signalled “something is wrong” for us. We went to see “Quantum of Solace” and ended up having to leave because the movie was making us dizzy and motion sick. We felt old. lol. We have replacement tickets though, so we will try again when we are feeling better.

One last happy thought. Today when I was helping Zora buckle her shows, I asked “Are you my princess?” She said “No! I Zora!”. cute kid.

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13th November 2008

Late Day Sunshine

Calm winds, relative warmth, and a lazy hour in the backyard.  I had to bring warm tap water to the sand table so she wouldn’t get too chilled, but it was still warm enough to feel the grass under bare toes, at least for a little while.

Zane found solace in the small square of sunshine in the corner of the yard, watching his shadow, playing with the soccer ball, and humming.

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9th November 2008

We are playing heathens today

Got early to get ready for church and realized we were kidding ourselves. The kids, especially Zora, are sick. It explains why her behavior was so horrid yesterday. Zane fell back asleep, which is a bit unusual for him too, so I suspect he isn’t feeling any better. Zora is snuggled up next to Zach, who said her breathing is congested enough to be a little disturbing to him. We both have coughs and don’t feel great either, but I think the kids feel worse. I was in denial because I REALLY wanted to get them to church because Christmas Pagent rehearsals start this morning. blah.

So, I actually have a few minutes to post on this morn. I thought I would share two funny links. One, a “geek card quiz” that Zach filled out. He said he got 42-43 of them, only missing the things that involved an ipod/iphone and wii, and I could add “can’t do them yet” because we don’t have ipods, and the wii is hidden away for Christmas and hasn’t even been opened yet. lol.

The other is an online game Super Obama World. It is a take off from the old school Mario World and has Obama getting little flags instead of coins and jumping over pigs, pitbulls in lipstick and little guys in suits instead of Goombas and Koopas. Alaska is first level world. Zach is playing it now to make sure it doesn’t have anything inappropriate for kids. On the second level there is a “bridge to nowhere”. lol.  (will update if there are issues with being kid friendly, but so far, it is just funny)

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8th November 2008

Exploration Place Saturday

This week’s theme was “Animals preparing for Winter”

Making a pinecone birdfeeder

Art/craft…animals and their winter homes

Then some play time. (this is a “match the sound” game, which was really challenging him until he discovered that there are colored dots on the bottom that indicates which ones match.)

There was also “nut sorting” (had a variety of nuts in the shell and you sorted them by type) and a snack. During circle time where she used one book to talk about different ways animals prepare for winter, then read “The Mitten”.

At home, hanging the birdfeeders.

Zora, not wanting to come inside.

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7th November 2008

At least I got the dishes done

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6th November 2008

Zora hosts a “pik-penk”

Zane went outside to run around (he does that when he needs to burn off stimmy energy…goes out there and literally runs laps in our back yard). As usual, he left the door open. Pretty soon, I see Zora trying to drag her quilt outside and ask what she is doing. She enthusiastically announces “a pik-penk mama!” It took me a minute, then I realized “picnic”. lol. I get our “outside” blankets out and let her choose one, and then she goes around asking each of her stuffies if they want to do a pik-penk. Apparently, the bear and Charlie Brown agreed, because that is who she emerged with. She then requested bread and a pickle for her picnic.

Zane, seeing her setting everything up (in an insane wind, I might add), sat down to join the celebration. It was fun.

She gave me a leaf sandwich. I think Charlie Brown must be special. He got the pickle.

Chuck is saying good-bye to me.

An after dinner run

And, after the ten minute bright spot to my day, here she is back at work, hitting my pet peeves. Some day this will be funny. I hope.

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5th November 2008

Politics, the refreshing changes I am seeing this election cycle.

As anybody who really knows me understands, I have VERY strong feelings on politics. I am actively working to restrain myself in my comments, as to not alienate a lot of people I love dearly, who are on the opposite end of the political spectrum. In that spirit, I do think there needs to be a recognition of some of the really neat things that are happening this time around.

    Some of the changes I have noticed:

  • It is so nice to see such classy winners and losers. Both men, in their respective speeches last night, where dignified, gracious, and humble. Everything from the words used, the message, and the music that surrounded the appearances was appropriate for the occasion.
  • It was refreshing to see at least one of the crowds be gracious to the opponent and clap when their name was mentioned. I was heartened by McCain who met boos and negative comments in the crowd with dispapproval. There is hope that with bipartisan leadership, this country will be able to heal and move forward, for the betterment of all. I was inspired by Obama’s inclusion of those who did not vote for him, and his desire to have their voices also heard in his administration.
  • I like to see that the senate and house shifted away from extremsits and moved more to the center. Of course the extremist still exist, in both parties, but the overwhelming voice is now much more moderate.

It is times like this that do much more to further the cause of democracy than any invasion can possibly accomplish. Killing those who disagree with you is never remotely as effective as inspiring those who want a better life, want a country who is able to have a peaceful and cooperative transfer of power, and want a country who is able to self-correct when we start going down the wrong path. For once, I saw the country I have always heard about, but never witnessed first hand.

I am very proud to be an American today. I hope you are too.

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4th November 2008

History is now!

Too happy for words.

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