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Tuesday April 18, 2006

18th April 2006

Tuesday April 18, 2006

x2006-04-16 082 

x2006-04-16 083 

x2006-04-16 023 

x2006-04-16 011 


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15th April 2006

Saturday April 15, 2006

Mom & Dad came to haul away the car to replace the radiator. 

Zora seems to be teething, but she was all smiles until I grabbed the camera.

x2006-04-13 20-40-13

x2006-04-13 20-40-49 

x2006-04-13 20-41-35 

x2006-04-13 20-41-37 

Enough of the flash already!

x2006-04-13 21-02-48


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15th April 2006

Saturday April 15, 2006

In the news recently has been the story of a cat who slipped through the cracks of some buildings.  She has been rescued after much time, money and effort by various people and agencies.

In the video footage, you can see crowds of people, policeman, firemen, and other rescue workers trying to save the cat.  They had to call on building engineers and experts because the buildings are historic and simply knocking a hole in the wall might have weakened the structure, so they had to plan the best approach to use.

If only as much time and effort were spent to help people who slip through the cracks.  If only we had crowds of helpers surrounding people in need, and a nation’s attention centered on the plight of children who are hungry, people who are homeless, people who need medical care; Cheering from the sidelines and applauding the use of our public monies (in the form of paychecks for the experts and specialized equipment) and private companies and citizens stepping forward in large numbers to make sure everybody is given basic human dignity, medical care, shelter, and food. 

I am glad the cat survived to make the rescue effort worth it.  I hope that our world’s trapped and needy will be able to do the same, but somehow, I doubt it.

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14th April 2006

Friday April 14, 2006

“Recipe” for Mozzerella Cheese Sticks, found on a box.

x2006-04-10 14-20-05 

I would like to know when taking a premade product and cooking it became a recipe?!?


Favorite guys sharing a computer moment.

x2006-04-12 11-52-33

 x2006-04-12 11-56-12


one of the outfits I got when she was born that would take her *a while* to grow in to.  That time went entirely too fast!

x2006-04-12 18-11-35 

x2006-04-12 18-12-39 


Ah…doesn’t she look happy?

x2006-04-12 18-13-00 

…and a second later…

x2006-04-12 18-13-05 


drooling and possible teething starting. 

x2006-04-12 18-29-02 


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12th April 2006

Wednesday April 12, 2006

_grin You must go see Mischieviums post!

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11th April 2006

Tuesday April 11, 2006

I thought it was a fluke when I put her on her tummy this morning, so I put her back on her tummy and in a minute or so she did it again, and then again!  She has to have her arm in front of her, and if they get too far out to the side she isn’t always able to get it back in front of her before she gets tired, but if you put her hands in front of her she lifts her head up where you can see her chest and gets herself over.  Wow!  She rolls to her left.  (wanted to note which side she rolls to for future reference)

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11th April 2006

MCC Sale deferred.

What I was supposed to be posting about last Saturday was about how great the MCC sale was.   How much I enjoyed the food.  How many people I ‘caught up’ with.  Alas, the day did not go as planned.

On our way to Hutch, we planned on stopping at a tire store to get a new tire mounted and the front passenger tire restored to it’s “spare tire” status.  Our neighbor was working at the west end store, so we went out there.  He was going to squeeze us in so it would only take 10-15 minutes. 

As we pulled off the interstate into the side streets, we stopped at a stoplight.   Zach asked if the smoke was coming from our car.  After about 3 lights, we decided it was our car.  Our neighbor guy took a look at it for us and pointed out a gaping hole in the radiator.  According to him, it can’t be patched.   He said it would be a very bad idea to go to Hutch and to watch the temperature gauge on our way home. 

The little piece of paper they gave Zach when he dropped the car off said it would be an hour before it would be ready ( 10-15 minutes, huh?!?).  We walked to the nearest fast food place to try and fill the hour.  (we left hungry, expecting a large German Mennonite Buffet).  We came back to find our car still had it’s tire on in the bay.  It was another hour before they finished.  Heaven knows what took them so long…it took less time to change the tire out on a highway, but oh well.)

Since it was supposed to be a major fun day, we had our camera.  We didn’t get the pictures we planned, but here are the *fun* moments we did capture.  Enjoy!  lol.

You can just feel the excitement here, can’t you.

x2006-04-08  003 

x2006-04-08  010 

x2006-04-08  015 

Now, back at the Tire and Lube shop….

Zora decides it’s time to eat

x2006-04-08  023 

I find some flashcards in my diaper bag for Zane

x2006-04-08  035 

The entertainment (not quite the same as the barrel rides, giant slides, and hay mazes planned)

x2006-04-08  044 

x2006-04-08  049 

x2006-04-08  050 

and, finally, all the fabulous things to look at.

x2006-04-08  058 

*sigh*  it really wasn’t too bad.  Zane wasn’t really digging it though and he only got happy in bursts.

After this, we did decide to go to a consignment store and an Old Navy since we didn’t really have to go out of our way much to do so.  We used up the last of an Old Navy gift certificate to buy Zane’s summer wardrobe, and got some nice pieces for Zora at the consignment shop to supplement the 3 things I got for her on ebay and part of the Hanna Anderson gift certificate I used for her this week.  I think both kids are reasonably well set for now, clothes wise.  Since Zach and I hate shopping, it was nice to get it all finished in one lump. 


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10th April 2006

Monday April 10, 2006


x2006-04-06  011 

x2006-04-06  035 

x2006-04-06  046

x2006-04-07 004

 x2006-04-07 018


the ‘funnel’ he found cracked me up.  (paper plate)

x2006-04-06  030



 x2006-04-07 037


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6th April 2006

Thursday April 6, 2006

Zane is feeling better.  What a relief! 

However, he woke up at 4 am or so, after 7 hours of sleep.

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5th April 2006

Wednesday April 5, 2006


x2006-04-04 013 zora 

x2006-04-04 008 zora 

x2006-04-04 043 zora 

x2006-04-04 047 zora 


x2006-04-04 026b zora 


x2006-04-04 064 zane 

x2006-04-04 074 zane 


Tired defined (yes, he is asleep)

x2006-04-04 153 asleep on chair 


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