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Wednesday May 18, 2005

18th May 2005

Wednesday May 18, 2005

Zach got the part.  He went to his second rehearsal tonight.  It isn’t a big part, but that is just fine and dandy with him. He plays a ‘thug’, which is pretty funny if you know Zach.  lol.

It doesn’t pay very well, and he won’t get paid until actual performances, so it will be a while before we see any money from it.  Luckily, his friend Robert is going to pick him up for rehearsal every night, and he is ok with waiting a bit for gas money.  Rehearsals are all the way over in Andover, which sort of sucks, but at least he isn’t going back and forth alone.

He wasn’t real sure about it after the first night, but came back in a lot better mood tonight.  I am hoping he will enjoy it.  It seems like such a good outlet for him.

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17th May 2005

Tuesday May 17, 2005

Betas came back today.  908 on the 13th, 1960 on the 16th.  Pretty good!  Next test is on Monday. 

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16th May 2005

Monday May 16, 2005

6 weeks today ?

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16th May 2005

Monday May 16, 2005

Weeks of pregnancy after last period Days after conception HCG level for single baby (mIU/ml or IU/L)
Week 3 7 0 to 5
Week 4 14 (next period due) 5 to 426
Week 5 21 18 to 7340
Week 6 28 1,080 to 56,500
Weeks 7 to 8 35 to 42 7,650 to 229,000
Weeks 9 to 12 49 to 70 25,700 to 288,000
Weeks 13 to 16 77 to 100 13,300 to 254,000
Weeks 17 to 24 4,060 to 165,400
Weeks 25 to birth of baby 3,640 to 117,000
4 to 6 weeks after birth Less than 5

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16th May 2005

Monday May 16, 2005

Zane & Sidewalk Chalk

happy face


fish ?




de artiste’


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16th May 2005

Monday May 16, 2005

Potty learning funnies

We have this Bear in the Big Blue House potty video that Zane seems to really like.  Last night, he popped it in, and upon hearing it, I went to get him his undies and showed them to him trying to help make the connection to what was on the video.  He seemed unimpressed.  I left him with his video and underwear for a few minutes and returned to find a boy with no diaper on, and the underwear around his neck.   So, I gently pull it back over his head and explain that you put undies on like pants, holding them open for him to step into.  (telling him that wearing underwear meant that when he had to go pee-pee or poop he needed to go to the potty instead of just going in his underwear in about 10 different ways)

When the video was over I asked him if he wanted to go to the potty.  He happily ran to the bathroom, got onto the potty with the underwear still on.  I had him stand up, explaining that he had to take the underwear off first.  *stifling laughter*  Finally he sat on the potty, underwear off, while I was telling him to try and go.  He didn’t (no biggie…I would have been pretty shocked if he went).  However, he did get up, rip a few squares of toilet paper off and carefully put them in the toilet, pull up his undies, put down the lid and flush.    He looked so proud of himself.  It was adorable.

He also discovered the primary advantage of undies for boys…easy access. He also still liked the idea of undies as a hat and wore a pair on his head for a while.  And, even though we kept taking him to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so, he still peed in his undies.  Oh well.  Back to diapers (it was time for bed).  lol.

It was a pretty humorous beginning.

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16th May 2005

Monday May 16, 2005

The un-patient pincushion

Pincushion might not be fair.  It only took her two times to get me, but she was digging around a bit trying to get that shy vein.  The results from the first Beta will probably not be in until tomorrow.  Did I mention I am not good at waiting.  lol. 

I did find out that a Pediatrician I have been trying to get since we moved back into this area finally had availability!  WooHoo!  His office is across the hall from Dr. B and is so sought after that the person at the Managed Care place recognized his name.  lol.  I know him from camp, of all places.  He pulled me out of a pool after an unfortunate back dive, and I was a counselor with him in later years.  Good guy, and from what I have heard, a great Dr.

I did get my progesterone changes to smaller doses two times a day.  It was knocking me out for a few hours after I took it, then as I gained back energy, I was starting to cramp again at around 12 hours later.  This should even it out a bit better.

Zach has his audition tonight in about an hour.  We should know by later tonight whether or not he has the role. 

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15th May 2005

Sunday May 15, 2005

TMI (too much information)

Question on pregnancy board:  Does anybody else have bad gas?

My answer: 

If they could make a methane-collection system under my butt I wouldn’t have to fuel my car for a long, long time.
I get gas that is bad enough I am unsure if it is cramps or gas. A frightening symptom to be sure! Pretty normal though, from what I understand.

I tell you what, that is one of the symptoms they don’t tell you about.  I am a burping and farting fool.  I don’t even want to be in public right now (and the public doesn’t really want me either, to tell the truth).  I am already living with my Tums bottle. 
No throwing up yet (chunky burp-ups, but nothing past the lips yet), but I feel like I have put in my “throw-up” time.  I was on Clomid for almost 2 years (on and off) and threw up every single day, sometimes several times a day.  I wanted to be pregnant so bad I didn’t tell my Dr. because I didn’t want him to take them away from me.  (totally stupid, I know)  The Danizol I took also wreaked havoc with me.  There should be a rule that if you had to go through any IF meds, you get a nausea, weight gain, and throw up free pregnancy.  Who can I see about that?!?

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14th May 2005

Saturday May 14, 2005

….and she pulls back the curtain

Now I am going to show you the post that I have been hiding.

The beginning of the posts are on May 4.   If you want to see them in the flow of everything else, just start at May 4 and look for entries with the background and border colors of this post.  (there is a pull down menu to go to dates at the bottom of the left column.)

If you want to see just the posts, here are the links:

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14th May 2005

Saturday May 14, 2005


I am so tired.  So, so very tired.  I feel like I am going to start snoozing just sitting here. I took a 3 hour nap and only woke up because monkey boy thought I looked like his own personal play gym.

Yesterday, after I took my progesterone, it must have been an adrenaline rush when the cramping stopped, because I was excited that I actually had more energy than I have had in a week. Today I am trying to decide how bad I need to go to the bathroom because that 20 steps requires more energy than I want to use.

I am left wondering if propping your eyelids open with toothpicks actually works.

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