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Haircut aftermath and a drawing

2nd May 2010

Haircut aftermath and a drawing

Yeah, so the title is random.  I didn’t want to make two posts.

First, recent artwork from Zora

I evened out the bangs a bit, but I am still deciding if I need to do a little more, but decided to do the least I could and see how it goes.  After the haircut, and before the pictures, she and Zane were messing around and Zora somehow ended up with a bloody lip.  They were supposed to be sleeping and I couldn’t get the story out of either of them, which means it was probably an accident and neither of them knows exactly how it happened, but neither wants to get in trouble because they were supposed to be asleep.

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15th March 2010

Art Stuff

We had an old coffee table that was stored out at our parent’s farm because it is HUGE, and was too big for our last apartment.  We were reminded of it, and realized that we could use it, even though there was no place for it in the traditional place (because we have a trampoline where a coffee table would be), but would be useful in the “overflow/misc” room (used to be Zane’s bedroom before we shifted everything).  It is going to make a great space for art and playing games at a kid friendly height.  Yippee!

Mom & Dad brought it up and I got a new box of crayons, colored pencils & markers to celebrate the occasion.  (Plus, that way there are still old crayons, etc, downstairs in the schoolroom).  The kids are enjoying the new space and the already prolific Zora has put out about 4 times the typical amount of artwork a day (which was already getting to be around 5-10 drawings a day).

Zane’s gallery

He isn’t drawing like he used to, but he is drawing again, which I am very happy about.  He seems to like architectural type drawings now days.

From looking at the book Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Faces (REPACKAGED) (Ed Emberley Drawing Books)

Zora’s Gallery

This one just makes me happy

“Our Family”

Our Family


another “Dragon”

“Lemon in a Bowl”

“Orange in a Bowl” I don’t know why she wrote her name mirrored.  It is unusual for her. (but not unusual for her to sign stuff)

“Happy Face”

“Tube Slippery Slide”  (this is one of my favorites)

“Humpty Dumpty”  This one was cool because when we asked her to “tell us about the drawing”  (our standard response instead of “what on earth is that supposed to be?”) she recited the entire Humpty Dumpty rhyme, tracing her finger over the portion of the drawing that was illustrating the line.  The circles with legs are humpty having his fall, the thing on the left is “all the king’s horses”, and the bottom is a broken humpty.

“Hot Water”  The sky is obvious, the red part is the water which we were told is red because it is hot water.  The lines across the sky are steam.  (no idea where the catalyst for this came from, but it was cool to hear her tell us about it)

“Houses”  I think it is the three pigs houses, but am not certain any more.

This is either Grandma or Grandpa picking cherries off of a cherry tree.  (Grandma and Grandpa don’t have cherry trees, but oh well)

“Raccoon with a head”  Yeah, I don’t get it, but that is what she insists it is.  (I did confirm that this is the the right way up on the drawing too because I thought it was a bird and sideways)

“Mario (as in Super Mario Bros) jumping”

“Bunny Rabbit”

“Jack and the Beanstalk”

She also draws out shopping lists that includes items she has overheard us say we are shopping for and adding her own items.  She then goes through the list with us to make sure we know what is on it and takes it with her to the store.

And, finally some pictures that Zach and Zora drew together

And my favorite…

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19th February 2010


Found some cheap cardboard letters and brought them home and decorated with some leftover Tempura paint, some glitter that mom brought me, and a nintendo controller that didn’t work. (excuse my appearance, I wasn’t feeling top notch).  Not the greatest, but done with love and the kids were thrilled.

Z:  Nintendo Gamecube Controller
A: backround for Super Mario
N: “Stickman” figures that Zane likes from YouTube (that we have to monitor heavily because not all are kid-friendly)
E: a maze

Z: Pink with glitter
O: “Supercar” race track
R: Hearts
A: as requested: a spider, a frog, ants (crawling up the side you can’t see from straight on), butterfly, ladybug

Their bookcases for art projects and other treasures.

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18th February 2010

Artistic Leap

Zora has been showing some exciting leaps in art lately.  Suddenly her happy faces are taking on dimensions and more personality.  She is into pirates for some reason, and draws (and names) her pirate portraits.  She draws the whole face, with features, and then puts an eye patch over one eye.

She also keeps generating “presents” for people.  She draws pictures, then rolls them up like treasure maps, tapes them closed, and tells us who it is for.  (mostly various grandparents).

She is also signing most of her work now too.

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25th January 2010

Zora Art

Mario and Luigi

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18th December 2009

Christmas Gifts Zora made at her Montessori School

At the end of the Fall semester the new Montessori School finally got all their licensing stuff done and she was able to go the last few weeks before winter break.  She loves it.  One of my former classmates (went to school from preschool-12th grade with her) is the mom to one of Zora’s classmates.  I am not the oldest mom there!  (well, actually, I might be…if I recall correctly, her birthday is in either March or May, but at least not the oldest by a decade)

Here are the cards Zora made as Christmas Gifts.

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16th December 2009

Art milestone for Zora

We have a BODY!  Yeah Zora!  She was drawing a gingerbread man and actually made a body instead of a head with stick limbs. (another note:  she has taken to wearing hairbands around her neck as “bow ties”)

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24th November 2009

Some Fall crafts from both kids

Zane                                                                     Zora

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22nd November 2009

Zora and her Arts and Crafts

“Jack-O-Lantern” and “Rainbow Monkey”

“Turkey” & “Mommy Spider”


“Rainbow Pear” (sidewalk chalk)

The current Gallery

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19th November 2009

Baby Bell Cheese.

First, I have to say I really love these little cheeses. They taste a lot like I remember Pioneer Cheese Factory (Moundridge, KS) store smelling whenever we used to go there for a treat after doctor’s appointments. I have wonderful memories of cases of various cheese, and my most favorite cheese of all, fresh cheese curds. YUM!

Anyway, back to the subject, they are good little cheese treats. My mom bought some and gave me a big handful of those adorable little cheese wheels. I was delighted that my kids, especially Zora, seemed to really love them. Then I came to realize why Zora was going through them at a quick pace. She needed the art supplies.

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