31st May 2009


#151 Zach’s shoes.  no reason, just a familiar sight.

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7th March 2009

Arm’s Reach

#66 The bookcase next to my desk (that is the Mario Mushroom Zane painted with Grandma)

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27th May 2004

New neice & other minutia

Yesterday afternoon my folks dropped by for a few minutes.  They brought me a lamp with a magnifier so I can get started on the custom Italian charms for the shop.  I tried to work with it once, but my eyes just don’t work that well anymore.  This was one of those drafting table clip on lamps with the magnifying glass in the middle.  I just need to commandeer dh’s computer so that I can print up some pictures to put in the bracelets.  I need to make one for mom and one for display.

Mom also loaned me $100 to cover the overdraft and give us a little cash until the 1st.  I am waiting to make sure there aren’t any charges before I go to the LYS to pick up some circulars, but hopefully, I will know in a day or so.    Our summer amount keeps dwindling since we have borrowed so much.  I hope we don’t have to borrow again at the end of summer.  Just once, I want to feel like a self sufficient grown up again.

I wrote a gigantic “catch up” letter to all my relatives that live away from us.  It was like those Christmas letters with links to pictures.  (the “pictures” link on the left goes to the same batch of photos btw).  I got one response so far from his brother who is in med school.  They just had another baby girl recently.  I am just impressed that the busiest of the bunch was the first to respond…and he usually is the first to respond.

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